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How to Make Your Home More Appealing to the Buyers Eye


A home is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind after a long day, not a place to be overwhelmed by clutter. When preparing a house before it goes to market, homeowners can benefit from decluttering and organizing, just as much as buyers coming to view it.

As a homeowner, when you consider changing the way you view your home and the items that are snug on your shelf, you may feel different about your space and its potential after decluttering and readjusting. Even if the items in your home are sentimental and ones to hold close, obtaining control of the environment you live in is crucial. In this way, a clean space will help invite in potential buyers due to them being able to visualize themselves being in the space.

Realtor Kristen Foote expressed how important it is to take control of your space and prepare your house before it goes to market. Foote suggests to all her sellers, before going to market, to purge all items in their home they do not want. According to Foote, this helps keep the home tidy throughout the prepping process before displaying it to the public.

“A lot of people don’t know what they should be doing, you can’t just say declutter, it helps when we go room by room and very specifically what needs to be done. I find that when people do this and spend all this time doing this and getting it ready that they want to keep it that neat and that clean. It helps long-term throughout the listing.” Foote said.

Foote also emphasized how keeping a put-together space in the inside of your home is equally as important as the outside of your home.

“That’s your first impression of a home. So, when people say, ‘Wow that looks so beautiful on the outside, what’s it going to look like on the inside?’” Foote said, “Its curb appeal. It’s a buyer’s first impression of the home. They are going to notice that.”

In addition to taking the necessary measures to prepare your home to go to market, taking into consideration the mindfulness of decluttering will benefit how you and others will feel about your space.

Founder of Easily Organized, Megan Delany, spoke about how starting small in your home can easily help you conquer clutter that can be overwhelming.

“When you start small you build momentum, so if you are totally overwhelmed by your whole house, pick one room, one closet.” Delany said, “Little by little, just start small once you see your accomplishments, you’re kind of like ‘Okay I can do this’. Build and grow and go from there.”

As a homeowner, this change will help guests and potential buyers see how well the home is taken care of and they will appreciate it even more. Delany also spoke about how homeowners and buyers can benefit from an organized space, suggesting how a clean space can promote positive energy within the space.

“Having less to look at can make it feel freer and lighter and less encumbered. Just being cognizant that our stuff really comes with this kind of charge. Having things put away is super helpful and calming and beneficial.” Delany said, “In terms of selling your house, certainly having everything tucked away and in some form of order would be beneficial to someone buying your house.”

By incorporating small goals and determination in decluttering and organizing one’s house, the buyer and homeowner can both benefit from an appealing put-together space, leaving everyone involved feeling satisfied.

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