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Raising Children through the Hustle-and-Bustle of a city


When it comes to raising a family in a city like Philadelphia, the hustle-and-bustle of the city can have its perks and downsides, especially when it comes to balancing family life and city life. Although sharing house space with family members may be an aspect to take into account when relocating, the city of brotherly love offers a different lifestyle for families in comparison to suburban neighborhoods.

With so many parks and different food markets, the city sparks discovery at every turn, allowing for many options for families to spend quality time together.

Team Principal & Real Estate Sales Associate with On The Square Real Estate, Margaux Genovese Pelegrin, grew up in the Rittenhouse Square section of Philadelphia and lived in Washington D.C. for a period of time. Shortly after living in Washington D.C., Pelegrin moved back to her home city and has been there ever since. Now, Pelegrin is working and raising her two boys with her husband in the city she spent her childhood, making her an expert on what the city offers to families looking to move.

Pelegrin spoke on behalf of what growing up in the city taught her as a child, reflecting on the environment she was raised in and what she realizes about it now as an adult.

“As a parent, what I realize more is just the connectivity my children have to other children in the neighborhood, and that’s just from when they were really young just meeting at parks and meeting different families there,” Pelegrin said

Pelegrin also shared her thoughts on how living and raising a family in a city environment allows something for everyone.

“Raising a family in the city allows for us to interact with all different people that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. And that goes from casual interactions at a playground or a park, and then also more intentional interactions like when you are making last-minute plans to meet up with a friend,” Pelegrin said, “Sports teams or sports organizations are great ways to do that as well.”

In addition to the many parks spread throughout the city and the socialization that comes with attending sporting events, having all of the city’s history at your fingertips is another option for family-fun according to Pelegrin.

“Having access to all the different museums and history in Philadelphia is the easiest way to figure out something to do on a Saturday afternoon,” Pelegrin said

In her experience on raising small children in the city, Pelegrin spoke on behalf of one factor to keep in mind, that places in the city are so easily accessible.

“As a young mom, being able to walk out of the house with a stroller, I would be able to get so much accomplished just walking a half mile radius of my house. Dropping off dry cleaning, picking up groceries, stopping off at CVS, the library, all with a baby just in toe.” Pelegrin said, “And that’s so unique to city life,”

When considering living in the city with other family members, Pelegrin shared her opinion on one of the downsides, sharing a tight-city-space with family members.

“The biggest downfalls are space, space is a premium in the city no matter what part you’re in,” Pelegrin said, “We balance that out with using the public spaces in the city. We look at the city as an extension of our backyard.”

Aside from balancing out pros and cons of raising a family in the city, Pelegrin spoke on behalf of some of the hidden gems of the city to spend time with family. This ranges from Sister City Park and Markward Playground appealing to younger kids, to notably one she recommends, FDR Park, located on 1500 Pattison Ave. & S Broad St.

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